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Project Tarasha
Artisan Direct - Mumbai

A Constellation of Art, Craft & Design
A zero commision artisan bazaar & a design showcase featuring new interpretations of traditional crafts

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Craft Design Exchanges

Craft and Design have always been intertwined like wrap and weft. However, in the last couple of decades the market inclination had skewed towards designers, reducing artisans to manufacturers or suppliers. We want to show the power of equitable artisan-designer partnerships…

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Creative Dignity is a movement that has brought together diverse creative producers, practitioners, and professionals to energize the ecosystem that Indian artisans need in this time of COVID-19 and post-COVID-19 impact. We envision a world where artisans have the agency to thrive with dignity.

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Relief (Food+Medical)
1.50 cr

was disbursed for food and medical relief

13070 artisan families

supported through relief covid-relief and awareness material

16 state teams

helped reach artisans during the pandemic

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Livelihood resumption
9.69 Lakh

given to various groups accross nine states as Raw Material Grant

294 artisans

could resume work with the grant money

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Market Connect
374 digital catlogues

were made for artisans across 19 states in the country, in a joint effort by volunteers and artisans themselves, so as to carry on business during the pandemic

130+ Artisans

were on boarded onto 12 e-commerce platforms in 2020 as a part of our Artisan Direct campaigns

50 Lakhs

Sales worth 50 Lakhs were achieved with the Artisan Direct Online campaigns

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Knowledge Building
3500 artisans

associated with various member organizations benefitted from the 90+ downloads of the capacity building tools developed.

55 artisans + 20 volunteers

were a part of our Artisan Saathi Program - a buddy system which supported artisans in building a digital identity.

7 modules

for Digital capacity building were developed by CD in 2020 and 2021.

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Artisan Enterprise Development
1081 artisans

across 8 states have been impacted by our Artisan Enterprise Development Program, where CD is working with 12 shortlisted organizations for a year long need-based capacity building, market connections and design guidance support, through linkages with suitable subject experts.

40 artisan groups of 1577 artisans

are a part of the Project Tarasha cohort that CD has partnered with for the development program.

12 artisan groups

have been a part of workshops about the 4Ps of market - Product, Pricing, Presentation and Packaging with our partners, Craft Village, who have expertise in understanding the trends, design and market.

16 artisan groups

from the Project Tarasha Cohort are working with several experienced and young designers for design exchange, mentorship, value addition and innovative product development

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565+ members

organizations, professionals and practitioners from the ecosystem energize the CD movement.

312+ student interns and volunteers

have contributed to the movement.

42 collaborators

from within and outside the handmade sector partnered with us for marketing building, knowledge sharing and more.

13+ supporting organizations

have funded and catalysed activities of the CD movement.

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Dayalal Kudecha
Weaver, Bhujodi, Kutch

Creative Dignity hume aaj ke samay digital duniya se jodta hai aur is digital world me ek dusre se jodta hai. (CD connects us to today's digital world and connects us to each other here.)

Industree Crafts Foundation is the voluntary secretriat for Creative Dignity.