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Covid Relief 1.0

The pandemic and the shock it brought to the handmade economy and livelihoods in the sector, like all others were the reason several stakeholders from the sector came together and birthed the Creative Dignity movement in 2020.

In order to understand the gravity of the situation at the ground level, CD members launched a research, reaching out to our organisations in the sector to float a simple diagnostic form in late April 2020.

The form asked questions about immediate requirement for relief in the form of ration, medical supplies or cash and about the nature and quantity of unsold stock, inventory and working capital requirement.

We got 1231 responses covering 22 lakh artisans in the country.

The survey revealed the following :

  • 7000 artisan families needed immediate relief.
  • Artisans had over 142Cr worth of unsold stock.
  • Many struggled with raw materials and logistics and needed about 42Cr of working capital

    Based on the immediate need for food and medical relief, we quickly mobilized volunteers across the country and set up state hubs across all states to reach out to artisans who needed aid.

    Crowdfunding campaigns were set-up on Ketto. We also partnered with schools in Mumbai, where students did personal fundraising campaigns for relief operations.

    Food packages worth rupees 1000 per family for one month were organized to ensure nutrition and health. The kits were customized to the region and their food requirements.

    CD members across the country formed regional teams and looked at relief operations locally. Apart from local points of contact we also actioned a helpline for distress. The donations came in both locally and to the movement, central to the action.

    CD ensured 100% of relief funds and sales proceeds reached the creative producer.

    3200+ artisan families were supported and 27+ Lacs were disbursed for reliefs operations that continued for the first 6 months of the pandemic.

    Being a short-term aid, CD dived into livelihood and sales resumption post the relief activity.