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Why GI tag for Sujani weaving of Bharuch is significant

It will secure the future of a century-old handicraft that just two years ago had…
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Kachchh potters fired up for change with improved kilns

Introducing energy-efficient kilns to traditional potters in Kachchh, Gujarat, reduces firing time and firewood requirement,…
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Jaipur’s last family of Multani block-makers

Artwork that made its way to Rajasthan 300 years ago stares at bleak future, though…
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Agility and Resilience in Social Enterprises- A Case Study Approach

Covid-19 exposed various existing business organizations and start-ups to sustenance risk. The dynamics of the…
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Cork – displacing plastics and creating a billion-dollar industry

Now cork is experiencing a revival as more industries look for sustainable alternatives to plastic…
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The Renewed Threads of Kasota Weaving

A pilot project in Chhota Udepur, Gujarat, is reviving kasota loincloth weaving and extending its…
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Pune-based sustainable packaging startup, Go Do Good (GDG), is generating profits without harming the environment

Seaweed, egg shells, cacao, coir — ingredients from Pune startup’s sustainability playbook
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Narsapur crochet lace craft gets GI tag

The famed Narasapur crochet lace craft has got the Geographical Indications (GI) tag, giving a…
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