Abdul Rahman Mir, Abdul Rahman Mir Handicrafts

Jammu & Kashmir
Walnut wood carvingWood work

About Abdul Rahman Mir, Abdul Rahman Mir Handicrafts

"Abdul Rahman Mir is making walnut wood articles for many years now and his son is also working with the craft since his childhood. They are running the business together from home."

"Walnut wood carving is an ornamental and delicate craft process that is unique to Kashmir due to the concentration of walnut trees in this region. Carved walnut wood-work is among the most important crafts of Kashmir. Kashmir is now one of the few places in the world where walnut is still available at an altitude of 5500–7500 feet above see level. The wood is hard and durable, its close grain and even texture facilitating fine and detailed work. It also presents visually interesting effects with mere plain polished surfaces.


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