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About AJ Crafts,

"The blocks are made of Sheesham and are intricately carved. They are of all sizes, ranging from big butis to small floral or check motif. The carving
designs include : Nasarjangi, Pachambara, Baghdadi, Jamavar, Lucknowi, Muradabadi, Bhootnath, Kalamkari, Persian, Mughal, Ajanta, Dhaka, Roop
Ranjana, Pahadi Booti, Sit-Kattarwali, Sanganeri, Parda, Lihaf Screen Style, Palang Posh, Darakhti, Sari, Scarf. Materials : Sheesham Wood, only from the tree trunk is used, stones, sand, paper. Equipment : Kalam Aari(saw), Lathandi, Chheni, Pana, Parkar(compass), Tipai,
Thapi, Thassa."

"Block Making was a lucrative craft in the olden days and has been the traditional work of the family for generation. It can be traced back to 1768AD. For somebody who has devoted all his life to this craft, it’s not possible to compromise with the craft, in lieu of money. That is why on being asked why we charge higher price for our blocks, we suggest our customers to pay attention to fine details of carving, design and quality."

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