Baragaon Weaves

Delhi NCR, The Government of NCT of Delhi

About Baragaon Weaves

"Inspired by the village of Baragaon and the life of the weavers there, we began with the aim of assisting weavers in distress. We started off in this quaint little village in the Barabanki district of Uttar Pradesh, around 40 kms east of the state capita, Lucknow, close to the popular pilgrimage shrines of Deva Sarif and Basa Sharif.

We then set out to work with Pashmina weavers in Kashmir, and soon plan to reach out to other handloom weavers in India.
Our ambition is to provide just and dignified wages, keeping handlooms fashionable and exclusive, all the while expanding the market for handloom products.

Our inspiration is the complex craft of handloom weaving and the skill of our weavers. Our challenge is to make a niche and stop the exploitation of weavers in the current scenario of mechanisation."

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