Baswan Bigha Primary Weavers Co Operative Society Ltd.

Nalanda Distrcit, Bihar
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About Baswan Bigha Primary Weavers Co Operative Society Ltd.

"Basvanbigha Primary Weavers Cooperative Society, established in 1980 is one of the surviving legends in the fast disappearing handloom canvas of Bihar. Mentored and ably led by Kapildev Tanti, it is one of the oldest clusters that has survived the harshness of the machine-fed textiles. The society is known for its high skill extra weft cotton handlooms including the legendary Baavanbuti saris. The weavers of the society are natives of Nalanda district, the cradle of Buddhism and their work is deeply influenced by the Buddhist culture that imparts a purity in their handcraft. Lack of government support and loss of patronage resulted in the weavers migration and switching to other menial means of livelihood. The society is survived by few weavers who have Kapildev as their mentor and leader, Being a weaver himself, Kapildev has relentlessly pursued handloom orders for his tiny co-operative society regardless of the innumerable hurdles that have lined his path since the early 80’s. His father had the privilege to work with the legendary Padmashree Upendra Maharathi ji, a legend who is credited with the development of folk art and craft of Bihar.Since early 80’s it has been a struggle that has just taken the worst turn with stocks of 4 lakhs of bed linen and prospects of no market this year.His markets are the various Shilp bazaars, trade fairs across the country."

"Extra weft is a fascinating display ofhand skill, where each motif is created by inserting an extra weft (bana) to the standard weft that holds the warp (tana) together. As the weaver weaves the weft yarn, the shuttle intertwines with the warp yarn and a base fabric emerges on the loom. It is on this base fabric that an extra weft is deftlywoven in by using a small spool of yarn to create an extra weft motif. There are some very fine and exquisite motifs that emerge out of this magical craft and embellish hand woven fabrics such as saris, fabrics, stoles, dupattas and home line such as bedcovers,curtains and table covers."

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