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Raigarh, Chhattisgarh
Dhokra – lost wax metal castingMetals

About Chhattisgarh Hastshilp Vikas Board

"This traditional craft is primarily practiced by the Jhara and Ghadwa tribal communities in districts of Raigarh and Bastar, where the skill and knowledge has been passed down for many generations now. Usually the whole family is engaged in the craft and the artisans often work as a community in order to complete larger orders. The products displayed in this catalogue belong to multiple artisans, one of whom is Puran Kumar Jharonka, a native of the craft village of Ektal, Raigarh. He is a budding artisan-designer, who has recently completed his design diploma from the Indian Institute of Craft and Design. He is the first in his family to havepersued formal education, and is keen on taking his ancestral craft to greater heights. By combining his traditional knowledge of techniques and materials with an understanding of contemporary design, he endeavours to explore further possibilities and launch his own design collection soon."

"Dhokra is a traditional art form of crafting metal artefacts using the complex technique of lost wax casting. Also known as bell metal craft, it is made using
an alloy of nickel, brass and zinc. The craft is practiced by tribal communities spread across Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Orissa and West Bengal. The artisans take inspiration from mythology, the environment and simple rituals, and showcase these through their works. In fact, one of the earliest known lost wax-casting artefacts is the legendary dancing girl of Mohenjo Daro. The ancient science combined with tribal simplicity, skill and creativity of the craftsmen results in these amazing creations. What makes this art form unique is the fact that no two Dhokra artworks are alike, and every single sculpture is painstakingly crafted to be one of a kind."

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