Hakim Ghulam Mohammad,

Jammu & Kashmir
Paper and Papier-mache

About Hakim Ghulam Mohammad,

"Hakim Ghulam Mohammad is one of the most prominent and esteemed paper mache artisans who is involved in the craft for the last 35 years. Paper Mache is an astonishing form of handicraft of Jammu and Kashmir. The use of recycled waste papers appends the ideology of the renowned and indigenous handicraft.
Hakim Ghulam Mohammad,born in 1966, lives and works in Noushera, Srinagar. He has been working rigorously in taking forward the heritage art.He designs and creates a great variety of richly painted products like flower vases, bowls, trays, boxes of various shapes and sizes and other utility articles. The subtle and precise designs are made with perfection paying attention to the aesthetic value of things."

"Hakim Ghulam Mohammad appreciates paper mache products for being non-toxic & non-hazardous. ”People should buy paper mache products and avoid using products that are made of plastic,” he says. “It will promote ‘Made in India’ as well as help in uplifting the Indian artisans thereby reducing the demand of Chinese products.”"

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