Handloom Hues,

Guwahati, Assam

About Handloom Hues,

"Handloom Hues is working towards upliftment of Assamese handloom weaves from our looms . We mainly weave mekhela sadors and cater to clients all over India and abroad . We also make dresses for all the Northeast states comprising their weaves into our motifs . We have our own handloom factory with 12 weavers ,
emphasizing as per Assam govt. guidance to promote only HANDLOOMS and not power looms . We always try to incorporate old designs with new hues . The brand
promotes Vocal for Local through radio and social media. Weaving is an ancient craft practiced in the North-Eastern part of India and especially in the state of Assam which is world-famed for its silks and silk weaving. One can experience the heritage silk route of Assam and witness live, the lustrous silk, the weavings, the textures, the age-old traditional motifs & patterns of ethnic tribes of North
East India from three major types of silk produced in Assam -Golden Muga and Toss paat , White and coloured Pat and Eri Silk. We are keeping the intricate patterns that reflects simplicity of Assamese culture and blending it with Northeast states . We believe in SUSTAINABLE FASHION which will be an heirloom for years to come . Our Weaves and motifs can be transformed into Haute Couture like dresses , gowns , suits and skirts . We mainly encourage women weavers .This is towards our mission of Women Empowerment."

"Mekhela sador is type of Saree comprising two pieces of cloth, draped on the top and bottom, which is the traditional attire worn by the women of Assam.
The mekhela is folded into pleats to the right around the waist and is tucked in. The sador, on the other hand, is tucked into the mekhela’s upper portion at one end and the other end is draped around the upper portion of the body, like a pallu . These days a fitted blouse is worn, unlike earlier times when
another piece of cloth known as the riha used to be worn."

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