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About Marm

"Marm means secrets hidden within. So, it only made sense to call our collective MARM, as it explores the many facets of the timeless beauty of Chanderi. Our collections integrate the traditional uniqueness of the handwoven textile with the ease and aesthetics of contemporary sensibilities.

Over the last 10 years, the culturally vibrant village of Chanderi has become our second home. Our collections are planned and designed in Delhi and the final product is created by the masterful weavers of Chanderi.

We proudly hold the mantle of being one of the first brands to popularize handprinted Chanderi handloom saris and dupattas. Experimenting with contemporary print motifs has made the craft available and accessible to a newer generation of sari aficionados, while our collections with woven motifs continue to impress our graceful and loyal patrons.

Our designs are inspired by the playfulness of nature and the mystique of Indian folklore, each motif embodying a story older than time itself. "

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