About Samoolam Crafts

"Samoolam Crafts started off as a social enterprise in 2009 in Gaya district of Bihar (India) with an earthy philosophy of ‘giving back to roots’. The core idea was to enable employable skills in women to generate livelihood at grassroot level in rural India. So, we roped in three women to make simple crochet items. Soon we organically grew into an organisation of more than a hundred and thirty women. They make crochet littles that become part of fashion accessories for women and kids, stationery and home décor. In the process, these Samoolam’s ‘Masters of Crochet’ have become self- reliant and confident. We are proud of their journeys, and ours, too."

"Somoolam’s journey started with dainty range of exclusively handmade crochet accessories. These are a formation of loops and chains with a combination of assorted
materials like colourful yarns, threads, beads & blocks moulding into all shapes & sizes, creating a collection varied from Necklaces, to Earings, to Bangles to Hairclips & Jurasticks and Charms. We create modern & chic designs for today’s woman."

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