Zubairs Qalam,

Delhi NCR, The Government of NCT of Delhi

About Zubairs Qalam,

He is a professional Calligraphist and artist. He started his career in 2001, after learning Urdu Calligraphy from Urdu Academy for two years. He also has a two-year diploma in Calligraphy and Graphic designing from National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language (NCPUL, under ministry of HRD Govt. of India). He is proficient in various fonts and styles of Urdu and Arabic calligraphy, and using Qalam-dawaat (wooden pen and Ink). He is a skilled calligrapher in Hindi and English.
He has worked as a freelancer for various organisations, and also for Urdu Academy Delhi (Govt. of Delhi). I have participated in workshops. His works has been displayed in various exhibitions including Jashne-Rekhta and Jashne- Adab."

Calligraphy is one of the most ancient arts of the world. It is an art of writing words or phrases in a captivating forms and style. Quitabat is a highly eminent form of artistic expression in the Muslim culture. It is important because it is derived from the holy book of Quran. Calligraphy became an instrument for expressing the God’s words which were recorded in Arabic script. Since the craft inclined towards the Muslim culture and tradition therefore it is practiced mainly by the Muslim communities and that to mainly by the men. Number of Muslim artists, as calligraphers, paper makers, illustrators and binders are involved in this art. Islam got introduced as a religion in the country after the coming in of the Mughal Empire. They used various ways and mediums to decorate their buildings, manuscripts, paintings, textiles, metal and ceramic ware, carpets etc.

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