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The gap between tech and the artisan

The digital world is a confounding space for craftspeople trying to come to grips with…
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‘Our pandemic response strategy has three main pillars: lives, livelihoods and life after COVID’

Neelam Chhiber, Co-Founder and Managing Trustee, Industree Foundation, about their ‘POWER’ project that focuses on…
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The Coronavirus has brought unique challenges to the artisan sector as rural artisans get cut off from their markets and urban craftspeople return to their homes.

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Supporting India: Small/Local NGO’s and Aid Centres That Need Your Support

Creative Dignity has brought together small enterprises, civil society organisations and professionals in order to…
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EkiBeki- Contemporizing Indian Art and Crafts

They work towards making Indians more aware about the treasure trove of art in India,…
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Creative Dignity is a collaborative, volunteer-led initiative by India’s master artisans and leading artisan development organizations 

Creative Dignity is focused on relief, rehabilitation, and rejuvenation for sustained prosperity of Indian artisans. 
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Creative Dignity (CD) is a unique coming together of various stakeholders in the artisanal ecosystem in India.

Building on the diversity of members in its network, Creative Dignity (CD) has mobilized funds…
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Jaypore Partners With Creative Dignity To Help Artisans Sell Online

Jaypore as a brand has always been vocal about local since inception.
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Our aim is to improve the situation of the artisan community: Sangeeta Pendurkar ..

Jaypore has partnered with Creative Dignity, a zero-margin voluntary platform, t ..
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Jaypore – A lil bit of India, all over the world!

For enhanced and wider outreach, the company partnered with Creative Dignity
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