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Artisan Enterprise Development

Our continuous dialogues with artisans from different geographies during the first two years of the Creative Dignity Movement made us realize that clusters as diverse as they are, need more than just design or market intervention; they need a tailor-made program that develops them as self-sustaining enterprises.

The Artisan Enterprise Development Program (AED) is an effort to facilitate artisans’ agency by enabling them to thrive as enterprises. In 2022, we are experimented, created and implemented customized capacity-building interventions for pilot projects with several handmade enterprises, with the goal of eventually developing scalable templates for various types of enterprises and their needs.

As a part of this program, we worked with enterprises like Srinath Fabrics, Kullvi Whims and many more for need-based development in terms of digital skills, design and market connections, leadership development, streamlining processes and operations, etc. Each initiative has leveraged the strength and expertise of various members in the CD network to build a growth conducive ecosystem for the enterprises.

The process involved selecting enterprises that were ready to set on a new journey of growth, experimentation and scale with the youth and women in the cluster or were in vulnerable conditions and needed help post covid. A need assessment is then carried on by the CD members acting as the points of contact for the enterprise. The current body of work, the craft, the number of artisans, the skills, the quality of products, the community participation and leadership, design sensibilities, market connects and platforms and access of technology are looked at. The aspirations and needs of the group are discussed with the artisans and the entrepreneur before drafting a plan for the program. The apt connects are made for implementation of the program and the impact is seen in tangible terms like sales, new designs, increase in number of artisans involved, improved digital presence, etc as well as intangible terms like improved confidence of the artisans, zest to learn more and experiment, and more!

Through the program CD worked with 1081 artisans from the enterprises in the network and impacted their businesses. We have also partnered with Project Tarasha, a Social initiative by Titan Company LTD. to work with 40 artisan groups (1577 artisans) across the country for their development in aspects like market connects, contemporary designs for new products, story-telling, presentation and more.

Stay tuned to know more about the journeys of these artisan enterprises with CD and beyond!