Dynamic Databases

The handmade sector in India is largely self-organized and decentralized. Decentralization of the practices and initiatives in the sector also means decentralization of data relating to the sector. The informality of the sector has led to fragmented information and access for many. 

Consistent data on the strength of the sector, the demographics, range of practices, nature of employment etc is crucial for advocacy and policy discussions. Similarly directories with artisan profiles and portfolios of work can open-up new market connections for these makers, a directory of market places, showcase opportunities, etc help the makers proactively create their economic spaces. Live databases of events and opportunities in the sector make connecting people with culture easier and make the sector accessible.

The CD artisan directory is our effort to showcase profiles of various craft practitioners in the country and connect them directly with the new age audiences, the What’s on section here shares exciting happenings in the sector, our efforts to build databases of offline and online marketplaces aims to connect economies in the sector!

In the spirit of open source collaborativeness, CD will continue to build relevant databases for the sector ranging from listing verified ecosystem stakeholders to resources relevant for the sector facilitated with active connections and information access. Watch this space, and let’s build these data banks together!