Relief & Recovery

CD began as a covid relief response for the handmade sector in distress. During 2020-21, many supporters and CD members came forward to gather funds that helped artisan families cope with food, medicines, hospitalizations, etc. 

Covid-relief Impact : 

INR 1.50 CR was disbursed for food and medical relief.

13,070 artisan families supported through relief and awareness material.

As the pandemic abated and there was a new normal, it was felt that creative enterprises and creative producers have always been coping with sudden setbacks like illness, or social obligations that eat into working capital or lack access to a small fund for developing new collections. Subsequently, CD continued the relief fund but linked recovery with it. 

The CD Craft Care Relief and Recovery Fund is supported by philanthropists, CD members and a carry forward of the funds collected during covid. Its mandate is to respond quickly to a crisis or an impediment that affects recovery or progress. These are often very small tickets. This Fund is structured to disperse amounts that range from Rs.5000 – Rs.50,000 as the cap. A creative producer, enterprise or organization can apply with their need, which could be any of the below:

1. A sudden illness or hospitalization.
2. A setback in the business due to natural disasters, or order cancellation.
3. Upgradation of workshed, tools and equipment.
4. A grant for developing a new collection.
5. A market risk that the entrepreneur/producer/organization would like to take.
6. Any other related factor to be considered case to case.

The SOP is simple. The application has to be recommended and verified by any 1-2 CD members and photographs, audio messages or documents of the problem need to be uploaded. A distress committee composed of CD members takes a decision within 7 days after which the dispersal is done. Post the usage of the fund, photographs of the completed result need to be uploaded again. 

Craft Care Impact : 

INR 7 Lacs was disbursed for Craft Care.

150 artisan families supported through the fund.