Axom Buta Welfare Association

Sibsagar, Assam

About Axom Buta Welfare Association

Buta was born to promote the textiles of Assam, and to uplift the local weavers of Sibsagar, Assam. From its inception it is backed and armoured by strong women weavers. The women are the pillars of our team! Buta is the effort of tireless dedication and efforts. The founders - Angasikha Gagoi and Wazbeer Hussain - have been commendably working to make it shine around nevertheless with the help of local weavers who take the major share in credit entirely. 'Buta', a word of Assamese origin, meaning small delicate flowers weaved through the traditional style of weaving. Buta specialises in Stoles,sarees,curtains, and cushion covers intricately woven with traditional motifs.

Handloom is a part of every household in Assam, it is not only source of living but also self satisfication for Assamese weavers. Each product holds a beauty which is unique. The products made by Buta are artistically crafted with the use of authentic raw materials like Eri,Muga and Silk.

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