About BUON

"Buon is Assamese for weaving. Crafted by women in their backyards, by the light of the sun, each piece is alive with the hand of the weaver. Our roots lie in years of work with the people of Assam’s Nameri region. Having contributed to helping these communities access several government and non-government development programmes, Buon was founded with the aim of creating a market for local weaves, while celebrating our love for textiles. We currently work with over a dozen women weavers from the Rabha and Bodo tribes. We are committed to evolving an equitable model for handloom weaving, focused on building craft as well as entrepreneurial skill at the grassroots."

Eri silk is spun from the cocoon of the Samia Cynthia Ricini, only after the moth leaves the cocoon safe and sound. Buon’s handwoven eri celebrates the innate texture of this humane silk, that keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Spun from the cocoon of the Antheraea Assamensis native to Assam, this naturally golden silk was once the reserve of royalty. No trousseau is complete without Muga, and if you ask us, no collector's wardrobe is either. Softer and more lustrous with each wash, a Muga saree is an heirloom, carrying memories for generations to come.

Light and lustrous, Nuni Paat is the perfect summer silk. This diaphanous raw silk gets its name from the mulberry plant the silkworms feed on. A wild silk from eastern India, Tussar is a beautifully textured fabric with a muted gold glint. Light and breathable, it is perfect for warmer climates.

Paat is the Assamese word for mulberry silk, spun from the cocoon of the domesticated Bombyx Mori. Rounded, fine and uniform fibres give Paat its luxurious look and feel.

Light and vibrant, our handwoven cotton sarees are easy to drape and go about your day. Buon’s no-fuss cottons are designed for the
everyday, in a range of colours and motifs."

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