Kabita Enterprise,

Dhemaji Village, Assam
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About Kabita Enterprise,

"Mrs. Kabita Changmai resident of Dhemaji village, Assam is known for her exquisite handloom weaving and is trying to evolve as an entrepreneur. Dhemaji is a small village in Assam and is known for rearing silk worms in the wild oak trees, which is a very special type of silk found only in Assam known as Muga. Kabita is engaged in weaving for more than 15 years. She has a loom in her house and produces Eri, Muga, Noni and Pat silk locally and most of her fabrics are naturally dyed. Presently there are more than 5 artisans working under her which mostly includes her neighbors. She along with her neighbor artisans weave beautiful yardages, Mekhla sadors, saris, jackets and dresses. Kabita has participated in fairs and exhibitions across North-Eastern states and has won a prize as well."

"Handloom weaving is an important occupation of the people of Assam and it also forms an important aspect of the
socio-cultural life of Assam. The Silk fabrics of Assam are renowned across the world for its grandeur and have earned
recognition from around the world. Silk weaving looms are found across a majority of tribal household of Assam that
weave exclusive garments of the three varieties of the silks of Assam namely Muga silk, Eri silk and the Pat silk."

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