Kopou Homegrown Products,

Guwahati, Assam
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About Kopou Homegrown Products,

"When we say add a small part of North East India to your collection, we mean the products created by the artisans from the ethnic communities, putting forward their heritage and legacy. Our handcrafted products range from home furnishing items such as lamps for your quaint corners to wine bottle holders for your intimate
Saturday get-together. Vibrant fashion accessories such as earrings and neck-pieces that go perfectly with t-shirts as well as saris to yoga mats, garden essentials, storage boxes and more.
Simplicity is our mantra. We are here to celebrate sustainable living and inspire others to check out this side of the world too. The immensely rich culture of North East India is showcased through our range of products that not only depict style and comfort, but also the creativity and efforts of the community. Since all the products are handcrafted and hand-loomed, no two products can be replicated. It could have slight irregularities which only adds to its beauty. This initiative also supports men and women from the rural areas of North East India through existing self-help groups, where they come together to produce these artefacts. Kopou bridges the gap between the community of creators and aspirers by making beautiful products of everyday use readily available anywhere and

"Water hyacinth is a weed abundant in the entire stretch of Northeast India. It is a weed that grows in the water bodies forming a thick layer, preventing the oxygen inflow into them. It affects water ecosystems and the whole ecological balance by disrupting lives of marine animals. However, if used smartly, they can be disguised as beautiful products. Water hyacinth based ecofriendly handcrafted products are produced as a government initiative to promote sustainable livelihood in the rural areas of Northeast India. At the right hands, they can become great bags, coin purses, office accessories, conference folders, jewelry, furniture and other home decor items. It is a tale of how a menace is conveniently twisted to turn into a miracle."

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