Sajad Ahmad Dar,

Jammu & Kashmir

About Sajad Ahmad Dar,

"Kashmir has a rich and ancient tradition in hand-embroidery. Sajad Ahmad Dar is one of the famous aari embroidery artisans from Kashmir.
Sajad Ahmad Dar began learning the art of aari embroidery in 2008 and started working on his own after two years. While following traditional designs, Sajad also loves experimenting with new designs and patterns. He tries to bring more contemporary designs to his art of embroidery to keep up with the latest trends. He has exhibited his work in various art exhibitions and fairs such as Trade Fair in Banglore, Dilli Haat, Dastakari Bazar and Jaipur Literature Festival. He has been awarded with Lexus Design Award India 2019 under the category ‘Design for social impact’ for a project with a Commitment to Kashmir.
Born out of love for aari embroidery and apparel,Sajad Ahmad Dar started his own organization, Ruth in 2019. Today it has nearly 50 artisans and has created employment opportunities for women as well."

"Aari embroidery is essentially a running, chain stitch that is tightly embroidered with a hook- referred to as ‘aari’ in India."

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