Surucchi Khubchandani

Roots of Resilience: Indigenous Knowledge Systems in Sustaining Craft Traditions

Creative Dignity took ‘CraftxClimate’ series to International Crafts Summit Jajpur on 13th January 2023.

The session was titled ‘Roots of Resilience: Indigenous Knowledge Systems in Sustaining Craft Traditions’ and the conversation mapped three distinct bio-regions inhabited by indigenous communities and discussed the role impact champions and dynamic social enterprises play in igniting resilience, relevance and cultural healing within these communities to cope with modern economies.

This blog post highlights the context and some of the key takeaways from this discussion.

Talking Traceability with Kosha

An Interactive Masterclass with Vijaya Krishnappa, Co-founder, Kosha.

Kosha is an innovative platform specializing in traceability, authenticity, and supply chain solutions uniquely crafted for the artisanal business sector.

Plus Enterprise Case Study: Abhilasha Bahuguna, Looms of Ladakh and North-Eastern Handicraft &
Handloom Development Organisation (NEHHDC) on reasons for adopting digital resources for
business and tracking environmental and social impact.